RKC Instruments: PID Controllers

Measurement and Controll Instruments

RKC Instruments manufacture professionally engineered high quality products with a sense of speed and accuracy to controll diverse process variables applicable in a process.

Temperature Sensors

We supply various thermocouples and platinum resistance temperature detectors of RKC make. We provide a wide selection of sensors (shape, length, diameter) according to the measured objects and the machines.

Digital Controllers

These are the instruments to control various process amount such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, etc. We have wide selections of controllers: Advanced type, highly accurate type, general purpose type, etc.


This is a device to record process variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure and flow rate. Two types of recorders are available: Chart paper type and paperless type (data is stored in a SD card). Inputs to the recorder can be from a thermocouple, an RTD, and other DC voltage and current signals.

Module Type Controllers

These types of controllers are mounted on a DIN-rail inside the control cabinet and managed by PC, PLC or HMI. Modules can be connected side by side, and a space and wire saving multi-loop control system can be realized. Connecting a communication converter enables connection to various field-bus network. They are easy to use and maintain.

Multiloop Controllers

Temperature control of multiple channels is possible on a single controller. These types of controllers have both display and operation keys. A multi-loop temperature control system can be easy to use and maintain. The controller requires less mounting space than installing multiple single loop controllers.